No stranger than you (rogerdoger) wrote in adventureracing,
No stranger than you

4 hour race

So first adventure race. the first bit of advice Id give to anyone doing one of these is make sure your captain knows what the hell they are doing. Our cap who has done many races had zero leadership skills. We got our passport and then ran to the canoe. Paddled and picked up check points and then made our way to the far end of the lake. turned out that if shed read the pasport we would have known that we didn't need to paddle all that way. She sent us to find one check point that was on part of the bike route that then cost us 45 mins. In total we lost 2 hours paddling! The bike and run we blasted and got most of the check points and past other teams, but nothing like a win for us this time.

I do it again, and next time know a little more about whats involved. I did like the orienteering part. Its cool to set the compass and then just head into the woods and voi la theres the check point.
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