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Explore the West Southern CA Sprint

April 8, 2006
1st race in the Explore the West series

This race was everything the t-shirt claims:
"steep, hot, technical, taxing, unforgiving, relentless.
fun as hell."

For a full race report, see my journal.

I highly recommend any of the races in this series... I hope to do more myself!

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Wow, I read about your racing and clicked on the journal link to see what you were up to. That is truly amazing. I would never do mountain biking in my life because I'm too afraid to fall on my face. I'm a marathoner. Actually, I'm becoming a marathoner. My first is in October (see my latest post). I was just wondering, how did you get into biking?
I started road biking to get in some cross training, and I did a tri to get me motivated to cross train. Then it just grew and I ended up doing an AR with a buddy, and got hooked. I'm new to mtn biking, but it's fun! Not all of it is technical (ie skill hard).
Cool. There's a tri I'm looking forward to doing one day next year or sometime around then. Right now, I'm just too busy running.